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Neuigkeiten 2008

Fire on trawler | January 8

Due to welding insulation material were set on fire

70000 tons of stones towed | March 13

"Taucher O. Wulf 4" is about half a year in travel

Stormy operation | April 4

Tugboat "Wulf 8" helped Dutch tow in a threatening situation

Tugboat and offshore supply vessel "TOW 10" will work in future in the Caspian Sea | April 18

Work in the Caspian Sea | April 30

Tugboat from Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG as supporting vessel in the shelf area of Kazakhstan

Built in Memel | June 1

"Windlift 1"

Towing company Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG tows for BARD | June 7

Towing company Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG received a forward-looking order / 16 new employees and increase of the office building

From anchors to the offshore wind power | June 13

Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG goes back a long way, but the company has moved with times. Now it has set its sights on the wind power industry.

Here is an Airbus on travel | June 25

Yesterday parts of a plane were shipped via river Elbe / Destination of the unusual freight is China

The first Airbus on its way to China | June 25

Plane sections shipped to Tianjin for final assembly - Airbus talks about a "milestone"

Chinese build their first Airbus | June 25

Four planes per month will be assembled. Components will still come from Europe. Fear of technology theft.

"COSCO China" loads Airbus sections | June 26

Components of an A320-jet manufactured in Finkenwerder will be shipped to Tianjin for final assembly

Airbus | August 1

First A320-sections were shipped to China

22 tons anchor salvaged | September 3

Taucher Wulf proved one more time its reputation as an excellent salvage company

Largest anchor of the company's history | September 9

Crew of the tugboat "TOW 4" salvaged anchor from a huge container vessel from the seabed

Wulf faces the offshore challenge | September 9

Towing company expands its field of functions / Extension handles the increased requirements for office and storage

Successful loading of an offshore wind turbine foundation from BARD | September 17

Heavy duty platform in Cuxhaven successful passed its first test - Masterpiece of the 30-persons logistics team

Coastal cargo liner got stuck on Gelbsand | November 10

Large pontoon for Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG | November 13

New build from Malaysia will come as "T.O.W. III" under German flag

For the real heavy stuff | November 24

Pontoon built in Malaysia has a load capacity of about 10095 tons

Piggyback for launching | December 22

Steel construction company BVT launches vessel "Kugelbake"

A rolling vessel trip | December 22

Even from Hamburg spectators came to the loading of the "Kugelbake"

"Kugelbake" arrived at Bredo | December 23

New build brought to Bremerhaven via pontoon

Otto Wulf ro-ro nears take-off on Airbus trade | December 23

"Kugelbake" will transport Airbus-sections | December 30

New build for Otto Wulf and Frank Dahl will commute from February between Nordenham and Hamburg