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Neuigkeiten 2009

Special purpose vessel for Airbus in Hamburg | January 2

A new special purpose vessel will touch at Hamburg constantly from spring. The vessel "Kugelbake" from the shipping company Wulf Seetransporte from Cuxhaven should then...

Salvage job in the Baltic Sea by Wulf | January 27

Towing company from Cuxhaven organizes salvage of a sunken vessel off the coast of the swedish island Öland

"Kugelbake" will be christened in March | January 29

Sea trail of the special purpose vessel buit at the river Weser / Regular shipping between river Weser and river Elbe

New build "Kugelbake" on sea trails | March 12

Commitment for Airbus shipments from Nordenham to Hamburg - Six man crew / 15 year charter by Airbus

Premiere of the offshore base Cuxhaven | March 21

Offshore substation for BARD Offshore I | May 14

Towing company from Cuxhaven assumes loading and sea transport

Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG from Cuxhaven | June 29

"We (re)move the problem"

German shipping companies make wind | July 1

The experiences from German maritime firms are needed to handle the technological challenges for the installation of offshore wind turbines on the open sea. Several VDR-members are involved.

Offshore substation will receive her "legs" in Ireland | July 25

Towing company Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG is towing huge construction piece since Friday, 2 o'clock p. m. from Klaipeda (Lithunia) in the direction of the Skaw / Transformer station for offshore wind farm

Irishmen make wind platform long legs | July 28

Essential element for project in the North Sea

Offshore installation with focus on effiency | September 1

Jack-up installation vessel "Windlift 1" from BARD christened in Klaipeda

"Kugelbake" christened in its home port | September 15

RoRo-transport vessel from Cuxhaven will transport Airbus shell sections - Contract about 15 years with Airbus

Airbus on a "cruise" | November 7

Excellent position for the future regarding the offshore market | December 16

Captain and shipowner Mr. Andreas Wulf sees Cuxhaven got positioned / Only for the offshore service sector should be done more