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BARD Offshore 1 Wind Park

The BARD Offshore 1 Wind Park lies in the south-eastern part of the North Sea, around 90 km to the north of Borkum and 120 km to the West of Helgoland. At a water depth of approx. 40 m, 80 BARD wind power systems are to be constructed here by the year 2010, which also belong to the 5-MW class.

In this project, we at Otto Wulf will be providing a wide range of different services, beginning with the initial transport tasks. We collect the system components from their different production locations (for example Germany, Netherland and Estonia) and bring them together at the locations for further assembly. Our tasks also include the transport of the 490 t and 21 m high "Tripile" foundation elements, and the other components such as nacelle, rotor blades and tower segments using our own tugs and special pontoons, for final assembly in the wind park.

Ziel ist es, eine optimale Logistik darzustellen mit kürzesten Transportzeiten, um die Auslastung des Errichterschiffs "WIND LIFT I"  effektiv zu nutzen. Die Bereederung und das operative Management von "WIND LIFT I" übernimmt die Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG.